A blackout can cause some commotion and that is exactly what we intended to do when designing the Hyper Fighter Apagón. It is a stealthy machine that packs some serious features. Boasting an assortment of unique details and design elements it is sure to stand out from the rest. The Apagón is a track ready race machine with power ready to be unleashed.

Ultra lightweight materials are infused for premium performance providing unmatched power to weight ratios. Reflections of our Hyper Fighter Horizonte are apparent in the Apagón along with new and unique features giving this machine a style that truly sets it apart.


Uncompromising performance and a raw focus delivers the purest connection between the rider and machine. With the supercharged option you'll get the power you desire providing unmatched performance at high paced speeds.

Ultra compact but extremely bright LED lighting is elegantly integrated into the front and rear of the bike enhancing its brutal appearance.

With adjustable suspension in both front and rear this Fighter handles like a dream featuring the ability to make on the go changes to accommodate your riding needs.

APAGÓN $55,000 USD // APAGÓN SC $75,000 USD