This is an entirely new world we stepped into and we are ready to explore. We took the energy and emotion of our Fighter line and morphed it into this class 2 e-bike. This vision came to like with the partnership and support of Volcon E-Powersports utilizing their Brat e-bike. As we move into a world where EV will become a constant we had to take play in this. We are very familiar with electric motorcycles and building our E-Fighters but this is something else, something different. This is a machine that can be ridden and enjoyed by almost everyone.

We knew this bike had to follow our brand and stay true to what we do best. The bike had to remain lightweight and still pack some torque. We chose to work with aluminum and lightweight carbon 3D printed materials to do so. You know get a class 2 e-bike that looks and feels like our motorcycles. This build allowed us to work with some awesome supporters to help us achieve the final product and we couldn't be happier with the way it turned out.


This e-bike is built to get you far and have fun doing it. Featuring 4 selectable ride modes, you can bet on having a good time. Powered by a 750W hub motor that is near silent and a 48V 15.6AH battery you can get up to 70 miles of range. Connect your phone to the bike for in-app features and to unlock off-road mode which will propel you to speeds of 28+ mph. Use the lower modes for more pedal assistance and to prolong battery life.

The Hyper Brat now puts out nearly 7000 watts and a 72 volt power system from the larger custom motor, new controller and battery pack. This provides you with an intoxicating rush while you twist the throttle, it is unlike anything else! The power supply on the Hyper Brat will propel you to speeds of 50+ MPH with the selectable ride modes and the entire bike only weighs 130 pounds. Sounds fun right? 

To keep this bike looking and feeling like our Fighters we chose to set it up with an all new suspension package. Fully adjustable in the front and rear giving you a sweet feeling ride for all terrains. The new brakes also provide a serious bite with oversized wave rotors, Magura MT7 calipers and MT7E master cylinders. The front lighting is right on track with our Fighter models and we even set it up with an insanely bright POD headlight from Diode Dynamics. We had to give this bike our Hyper Fighter suede style seat aiding in comfort and feel. Our signature 1 1/8" moto bar setup was put on top of the all new front forks giving you a true motorcycle type feel.


Charge time

6-7 hours via level 1 charging

Hyper Brat - 5 hours


70+ miles in mode 1

30+ miles in modes 2-4

Hyper Brat- 30+ miles

Range will vary based on ride mode, riding conditions, rider weight and other environmental factors. 


28+ mph when unlocked

Hyper Brat- 50+ mph


One year limited warranty covering defects from workmanship and material issues. Two year limited battery warranty. All sales are final.


We currently do not ship outside of the 48 contiguous United States.

Bikes are built in the order they are received. Estimated to ship out within 14-21 business days. Hyper Brat build time is 3-6 weeks. Please allow an additional 3-5 business days for order processing. Once the bike leaves our facility delivery times will be dependent on location.

** Please note these are estimates and not guarantees.